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Northrim Bank launched the Alaskanomics blog to provide news, analysis and commentary on Alaska’s economy. With contributions from economists, business leaders, policy makers and everyday Alaskans, Alaskanomics aims to engage readers in an ongoing conversation about our economy, now and in the future.

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Friday, August 07, 2020


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Katie Dougherty, AEDC

Hi, Ryan! This is Katie Dougherty at AEDC. Thank you so much for the comment and suggestion. We are pursuing national outreach to cities with the highest concentrations of remote workers, as well as national media outreach to raise Anchorage’s profile as a premier destination for remote work. I’d love to hear more from you, if you want to connect, on this topic. My email is [email protected].


Thank you Ryan. I will share your thoughts with AEDC.


After reading the document it is clear that the potential of remote workers to move into the area is not even being considered by the AEDC.

Well... You heard it here first. :)


Thanks Katie. Has there been any talk about advertising Anchorage as a place to live in the lower 48?

With so many working remotely now, IMO there is a huge opportunity to market Anchorage as a place to raise a family on the doorstep of the great outdoors. As the startlink system comes online this winter, i think there will be a huge opportunity to attract tech workers to the area.

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