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Tuesday, May 08, 2012


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OPEC, Libya and the laws of supply and deanmd are not responsible for high gasoline prices. The high oil prices are dictated by the fraudulent round-trip trades of the dark pool trading in the Intercontinental Exchange(ICE) in Atlanta. The international Big Oil/big banking cabal owns ICE. ICE operates outside of U.S. law. The Commodities Futures Trading Commission does not have any jurisdiction over ICE, bribed by Big Oil. ICE's energy speculators and traders can ratchet-up the oil price anytime they feel like it, and for any excuse, for their own profit and on the behalf of Big Oil, through the use of round-trip trades. Google the Global Oil Scam. ICE is a super Enron. Oil is too crtical a resource to be controlled by greedy traders, greedy speculators and greedy corporations. If the Oil and Gas Price Fraud Working Group does not investigate ICE, then, it is a waste of time and taxpayers' dollars. The Working Group has to seize, immediately, the trading records of ICE, before they sre destroyed.

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