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Northrim Bank launched the Alaskanomics blog to provide news, analysis and commentary on Alaska’s economy. With contributions from economists, business leaders, policy makers and everyday Alaskans, Alaskanomics aims to engage readers in an ongoing conversation about our economy, now and in the future.

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Friday, July 08, 2011


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My father was an Oil Driller. Alberta and Texas-Oklahoma Oil inritsdues are joined at the hip. All the sources you mentioned are correct, but have a higher environmental impact than the Alberta Athabasca Oil Sands. Both coal and Oil Shale produce 3x the Co2 emissions than the Oil Sands. Furthermore Alberta right now flows 2.5 mill/bls a day conventual oil, plus 1.5 mill/bls a day of Oil Sand bitumen already. So Canada already exports over 3 times the Saudi amount to the U.S. But this does not nearly describe the potential of Oilsand production. Proven reserves are 1.5 times the entire middle east reserves; unproven (largely just untapped) are several times that, and able to light up the USA for a couple centuries. If production rises to capability the Oilsands alone could export 20 mill/bls a day by 2025. This is what is so insulting about Obama's energy policy, saying no to the XL Keystone Pipeline, but yes to more tankers from angry Muslim nations as well as more tankers from Caesar Chavez. As well as more tankers from Canada to a very eager Far East. Obama is either stupid or willful and it looks like BOTH. But Canada, who has BEEN already the USA's largest trading partner for years, as well as the number ONE supply of imported oil, was guaranteed by statute an UNIMPEDED right of access to the selling of our oil to the USA under the FTA Free Trade Agreement signed by Bush Sr and reconfirmed by the NAFTA Accord signed by Clinton. Obama is already in abrogation of those treaties and statutes. But that's fine, he'd make sure somehow that Muslim oil shieks (whose wealth from oil bankrolls anti-American and Anti-semitic madrasses), Chavez in cahoots with Iran, the Chinese Communist hunta, and ocean-going tankers between them all (tankers already have dumped far more oil into the ocean than the BP Gulf spill!) proving that there is no such ignorance as self-conceit and Obama is the most conceited leader seen in the western world since Hitler - so where does that leave the people? Going to elect him again???

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